How Your Front Door Color can Increase the Salability of your Home

How Your Front Door Color can Increase the Salability of your Home

  • Kelli Ide
  • 10/6/23

How your Front Door Color can Increase the Salability of your Home

Front door colors can indeed impact the perceived value and appeal of a home. While the perfect color can vary based on the home's style, location, and surrounding environment, some colors have been historically favored for their universal appeal and ability to enhance a home's curb appeal. Here are some front door colors that, according to real estate and design experts, could increase the value or salability of your home:

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  1. Classic Navy or Deep Blue: Timeless and sophisticated, a navy or deep blue door can offer a neutral yet distinct touch. It works well with a variety of exterior colors and indicates stability.

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     2. Red: From burgundy to bright red, this color is warm, welcoming, and attention-grabbing. A red door can pop against a white or gray exterior, signaling a bold and inviting space.

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     3. Charcoal or Black: A charcoal or black door exudes elegance and modernity. It can give a home a refined, upscale appearance, especially when paired with crisp white trims. According to Zillow, a black front door can bring a higher price on average of $6,449!

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     4. Forest or Sage Green: A nod to nature, green can blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment and evoke feelings of tranquility. Sage green, in particular, offers a muted yet contemporary touch.

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     5. Taupe or Warm Gray: Neutral yet impactful, these colors can give a home a contemporary feel while still appealing to a wide audience due to their versatility.

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     6. Rich Purple: While a bit unconventional, a deep plum or purple can be both regal and warm, making a home stand out in a sophisticated manner.

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     7. Teal or Turquoise: These colors have become increasingly popular in coastal areas and can give a home a cheerful, beachy vibe.

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8. Bright Yellow: This color radiates warmth, happiness, and a welcoming spirit. However, it's best used on homes where it complements the overall color scheme.

When considering a color for your front door, it's essential to:

  • Analyze Your Neighborhood: Look around your neighborhood. You want your home to stand out, but not in a way that clashes with the surrounding homes.
  • Consider Your Home's Architecture: A Victorian home might pull off a bright purple door, while a modern minimalist home might look best with a sleek black or gray door.
  • Think About Resale: If selling your home soon, opt for more universally appealing colors.
  • Test Before Committing: As always, test paint samples on your door first. Check them throughout the day to see how they appear in different lighting conditions.

Ultimately, the color you choose should resonate with you, complement your home's overall aesthetic, and align with your goals, whether that's to increase resale value, enhance curb appeal, or express your personal style.

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